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Biodiverse Farming

Pinnaroo today specialises in biodiverse farming methods to maintain a healthy eco system and to encourage productivity. We are self sustaining and believe that our methods of farming add value to the land for future generations.


Lucerne and rotation crops are grown on self watering flats as feed for our small numbers of cattle and sheep and all waste is efficiently stored to fertilise and improve the biological strength and value of the land.

The river section which borders Pinnaroo is rich with wild life and is home to families of playful Platypus, turtles and native fish. The pest management system is an integrated one which enjoys a little natural help from Hawks and Wedge Tail eagles in keeping the numbers of mice and rabbits to a minimum. Their memorable call is a familiar sound around the vineyard.


We believe that our rich soil, pristine waters and healthy vineyards are the result of responsible farming principals which will protect our heritage and add value to the land for future generations.

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